Hey guys!

I know I know, it's been ages since I last blogged. I felt like it was time for me to take a blogging-nap and focus on school and other projects for a while... But hey now I'm back!

A few things have changed, I decided to create a website where I can show you guys what I have been working on lately (styling and photography wise), so from now on you can chack out my work on melvinjonckers.com.

So on to today's post, last week I traveled to Berlin for a week full of museums and meetings, I decided to go by train since this is way cheaper and I don't really mind being on a train for a couple of hours. Today I'm showing you guys what was in the bag I had with me on the train, there's not really that much in it since I'm a real light traveller when it comes to hand luggage/ handbags.

My Louis Vuitton wallet which I use basically everyday
A vintage fur scarve for when it get's chilly on the train
My l'Occitane subtle violet hand cream for when my hands get dry
My bar of gold USB stick with work documents on
Two of my favorite perfumes, Calvin Klein be and A&F's Fierce
A pack of cigarettes and a lighter, just because
My Zara gloves, it tends to get chilly in Berlin
Namecards, because you never know who you meet
A notebook and a pen for when I need to write something down
VMagazine so I have something to read on the long trainride
And off course my cellphone with the cutest panda case ever around it.

Like I said there's not too much stuff in my bag, I hope you enjoyed having a peek inside of it.

So anyways, what do you carry in your bag when travelling?


Albert S. said...

Great stuff for traveling!
best wishes from

Jorge Barceló said...

Enjoy the trip!